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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Apr 21, 2015

Episode 011 – In this episode of Fresh Tracks, Kelly Robbins, MA takes an in-depth look at the power of our words. How would your life change if you realized every thought, every word you say, every thought you think becomes reality? Words are not simply symbols or sounds, they are a force. The power of your word is stated in the bible – In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God. In this episode of Fresh Tracks Kelly discusses how this statement applies to you and your business.

As a marketer, creator, business writer, your life and career is about using your words in a certain way. With intention. Your ability to create anything – money, love, happiness – starts with you. Kelly discusses how to use the power of your word to manifest what you want, and if you are struggling to manifest your desires some tips to look out for. The power of your word extends to your ability to make money in your marketing materials and has a direct correlation to your integrity with your word.

1:20 – The study of the word and how much power do our words have
5:07 – Establishing an authority behind your words – they are a command
6:57 – How does understanding the use of my word affect making money
9:03 – How to be in dominance over your mind
12:05 – Why how you feel when you use your word matters
14:50 – The concept of verbal discipline
16:57 – Being Conscious of your expectations and the power of intention
18:00 – Awareness and learning to use the law correctly
20:32 – The massive consequences of not keeping your word to yourself
25:31 – How the power of your word applies to your marketing and writing copy
29:30 – How to help people see their truth in your copywriting
31:15 – Exercises for you to do at home

About Kelly Robbins

Founder of the Fresh Tracks podcast and The Copywriting Institute, Kelly Robbins helps people create their life their way. Kelly believes that we each have a purpose and that purpose is unique to each of us. Getting clear on who you are, what your talents are and how you best help people allows you to create a business – in fact a lifestyle – by design. You succeed at this not by copying others, but by following your intuition and carving your own unique path in this world. This individuality is what attracts others to you. This is how you create your own happiness.

Kelly is a marketing coach, copywriter and seeker of truth that helps guide folks on their journey to self-empowerment, fulfillment and making boatloads of money. Known for her directness and truth-telling, you can visit to learn more about the role marketing and personal development play in starting and growing a business and designing a life of your choosing.

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