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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Jun 5, 2017

In episode 52 of Fresh Tracks I speak with communication expert Leslie Shore on the topic of listening for success. The truth is we can ALL be better listeners and it’s important to recognize this in order to continue to expand your communication skills. Did you know there are things you can do to help the person you are speaking with listen better so they are more likely to hear what you have to say? There are things you say and do as a speaker to invite people to open up (or shut down) and they are more likely to listen to you. Leslie shares that our goal as speakers is to learn how to speak in a way that matches the person listening.

Ready to cut some Fresh Tracks but scared to share with your loved ones? Leslie teaches us how to discuss touchy topics in a way that is less likely to make the listener shut down. “Honey I’m quitting my job and starting a new business” has been known to bring up a few listening barriers as folks embark on their Fresh Tracks journey! Listen in on this week’s show to get the scoop!

Show Notes:
1:40 – Tips for finding out what may be preventing YOU from listening
4:30 – Learning to listen with your critical brain rather than letting your emotions taking over
7:30 – How to speak so people open up and are more likely to hear you
10:10 – How to communicate something touchy in a way that doesn’t shut your partner down
15:30 – Choosing to listen to ourselves (our mind chatter) or not
19:00 – Can you listen too hard?
21:40 – Boundaries and listening. Not setting boundaries will drain you fast!
25:30 – Changing the ground rules when we cut Fresh Tracks and how to work with it

About Leslie Shore
Professor Leslie Shore is a communications expert. As the owner of the consultancy Listen to Succeed, Leslie has worked with corporations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and educational institutions to up-level their intra-personal and inter-personal communication skills. Her book, Listen to Succeed: How to identify and overcome barriers to effective listening, is currently used in four universities and in businesses and non-profits throughout the United States and Canada.
Learn more from Leslie at

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