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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Nov 19, 2020

Feeling drained from the continued stress of the coronavirus and other world events? Many are unsure they can keep it together, let alone move forward in their life over the next few months. In this episode of Fresh Tracks, author and healer Cyndi Dale talks with us about our energy and the role it plays in our health. She specifically specializes in healing our energy from trauma, stress and chronic illness. What does it mean to care for our energetic, physical and psychological self during this stressful time? And what factors play a role in our energetic health?

Cyndi talks to us about why it’s easier to deal with new stressors when not dealing with old stressors. She also shares specific tips for how to be aware of who’s stress we are actually holding. Is it your stress? A family member’s? An ancestor? Trauma prompts us to ask questions that we need to ask our self before we die. Cyndi helps us make the most of this time in our lives and provides tons of advice on how to heal old wounds so we can powerfully handle today’s stressors.

Show Notes:

4:30 – How to avoid slipping into hopelessness.
8:55 – What spiritual questions are we prompted to answer before death?
12:45 – Tips for handling stress – it starts with identifying what is yours.
17:00 – Is this your energy or someone else’s?
22:00 – Specific techniques to release stress and trauma.
24:45 – How to recognize when it’s time to reach out for help.
25:30 – The powerful rock technique!
27:00 – Creating a physical sacred space in your home

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