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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Apr 14, 2015

Episode 10 - In this episode of Fresh Tracks Dr. Vanessa Moon shares her wisdom on how our soul's purpose is often expressed through our business. Dr. Vanessa believes your business is the divine self-expression of your soul’s purpose. While there are certain fundamental rules about running a profitable business, the ways in which to do that are as varied as the souls involved. In the end, the only right way is the one that works for you.

How can you discover the right way for you? Dr. Vanessa reviews what each of the eight divine energy centers are and examines how each of them have unique strengths and purposes on the planet. Making even subtle shifts in how we serve others, based on our energy centers, can make dramatic differences in our results.

1:24 – What IS a psychic business coach and what are the benefits of using one?
5:47 – How to know if you are not working in alignment with your Soul’s purpose
9:34 – Why every experience you have is for a reason, even the challenges
14:42 – The eight divine energy centers we all have
20:07 – About Divine Communication and using your power words in marketing
24:42 – What to evaluate if you are not getting the results you want
34:34 - What to do if you are receiving inspiration now

About Dr Vanessa Moon
Dr. Vannesa Moon is a psychic business coach and the founder of Your Inspired Business. She helps highly conscious entrepreneurs get clear on their purpose, overcome obstacles, and build businesses in alignment with their unique gifts. She incorporates her love of crafting, art, and play from her personal life into every aspect of her business for a fun and enlightening experience for all. Dr. Vannesa’s friendly, relatable, yet no-excuses style allows her to connect quickly with her clients for inspired breakthroughs and abundance.

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