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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Feb 15, 2022

Episode 97. In 1984, Tina Turner famously sang “What’s Love got to do with it?” Tina won two Grammy’s for the song and it is, in fact, a great question all of us can ask! What does love got to do with anything? In this Fresh Tracks episode, Kelly Robbins leads us in an exploration of love itself. Love is hard to describe. It’s not something we can see or touch, yet we feel it and recognize it when we experience it. Love is a powerful energy and in fact, Love is the very core of the Universe itself.

As we struggle with different events in our lives, we can each take the time to answer the question, “What’s Love got to do with it?” 
We explore some of the ways to both receive and give love, as well as simply how to recognize love itself. Each of us gives and receives love in different ways. Strengthening your skills as an expectant receiver and active giver of love are important attributes for each of us on the path to harnessing the immense spiritual power of love. And living and creating a life we love.

Show Notes: 
2:30 – A look at what Love actually is
5:00 – Hinduism and the origin of love
7:00 – What everyone needs to know about giving and receiving Love
12:30 – The role of affirmation and prayer in creating unity with Love
16:30 – Steps for Learning to Recognize Love
22:00 – Are you choosing from Love or fear?
25:00 – Visualization to connect with your heart center

About Kelly Robbins

Author of Trust Your Next Step: Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks and the podcast, Kelly created her first business over 20 years ago, truly embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Today she helps others live their divine purpose, live life as a fun adventure, and discover how to lead the right clients to their door consistently. Grab a copy of 10 Steps to Creating Your Fresh Tracks now for free here: