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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Jun 22, 2015

Episode 20 -- Rebekkah Hanson shares her insights into astrology and how we can use the knowledge of the universal energies to make better business decisions. Working with the flow of the universal energies rather than against them allows us to work with more ease because we are working within our natural talents rather than against them. Rebekkah also shares with us simple things we can look at to help guide our business decisions.

When creating new products, businesses or even scheduling workshops or book launches it can be easier and more successful when you know your charts. By following the phases of the moon you can also know the best way to connect with prospects during a sales conversation – for example there are certain times when appealing to someone’s emotional needs is more effective than others. Finally, Rebekkah shares her insights on how to make the most of the dreaded mercury retrograde and how using the strengths of retrograde rather than fighting it is the best road to success.

Show Notes:
1:57 – Using the divination arts to your own benefit in business.
5:02 – Using astrology as a roadmap for personal and business empowerment
8:48 – Simple things an entrepreneur can look at to help guide their business decisions
12:35 – What an entrepreneur can do during the dreaded mercury retrograde
15:20 – Working with the flow of universal energies
23:01 – Trusting yourself vs using astrology in decision making

About Rebekkah Hanson

Rebekkah Hanson is a speaker and spiritual teacher who has coached entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide.

Rebekkah has been an Astrologer for over 40 years and incorporates Numerology into the Astrology as well as divining the numerical energies from traditional avenues of Current Name, Date of Birth and Birth Certificate Name.
She works with highly conscious clients and entrepreneurs to help them plan profitable launch calendars and discover their purpose and embrace their inner power so they show up authentically.

Her mission is to assist a move from newspaper entertainment Astrology into using it as a roadmap for personal and business empowerment.

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