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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Mar 24, 2015

Episode 007 - Discover the Power of Alignment in Business. In this Fresh Tracks interview with Darla LeDoux, founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs, Darla shares with us what it means to be in alignment in life and business. Darla shares her exciting journey from Chemical Engineer to Entrepreneur and how she has built a multi 6-figure business by being in alignment herself. Darla shares how dramatically being out of alignment can affects results in our business, common ways we get out of alignment, and how us being out of alignment unconsciously affects the people we are in conversation with. Darla shares some great examples of how being out of alignment has impacted others in their businesses and provides tips to recognize when we are out of alignment and how to flip the switch!

2:00 Darla’s journey from Chemical Engineer to Entrepreneur

7:10 What it means to be an Aligned Entrepreneur and how your subconscious programming might sabotage that

9:18 Why external motivation doesn’t cut it for the aligned entrepreneur

12:23 How our inner sensors spot people out of alignment

16:03 Why 2 people with the same million dollar business plan will get completely different results

21:55 How to recognize if you are in or out of alignment

32:16 Putting yourself in situations where people reflect back to you

About Darla LeDoux
Darla LeDoux is the founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs, where she supports entrepreneurs on a mission to get into alignment with their TRUE business goals. She works with them to create a business model that gives them the freedom they want and more money than they imagine doing the work that matters most to them.

Darla believes that Truth is where it’s at, that who you are, naturally, can make you money, and that the biggest thing standing in the way for most entrepreneurs is the barrier they’ve created to truly being visible and powerful in the world. All of her work starts with looking at who you are BEING in the world. When you operate in alignment with Truth, the right strategies and big outcomes are natural result.
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