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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Apr 28, 2015

Episode 12 - In this episode of Fresh Tracks Karen Fagen shares with us her three Rituals to Riches and how, as a single mom, Karen used the three rituals she teaches to build a multiple six figure business by focusing on feeling good from within and exploring what faith means to her. Karen shares how to create happiness every day and balancing living the life you want while running and building a business.

In this Fresh Tracks episode you’ll discover how to stop hitting that snooze button and jump out of bed feeling alive and excited about the day! Karen discusses how filling yourself up with clarity, intention and focus allows you to create more money & freedom. Uncovering the secrets to focusing on what's most important in your business and life allows you to implement your priorities consistently – which leads to a consistent monthly income.

1:20 – Karen’s two secrets to building a multi-six figure business as a single mom
4:01 – The first ritual to riches
8:36 – What it really means when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning
14:15 – Why it’s important you ‘do you’ first
16:30 – How to set up your day for success
21:19 – A self-assessment if you are not getting the results you want
23:21 – Ritual three – all about creating the lifestyle you SAY you really want
26:48 – Why it’s imperative you avoid having your work spilling into all of your life
29:49 – How to create happiness and bring control back in your life

About Karen Fagen:

Karen Fagan is a Lifestyle Coach, Speaker and Author. She believes that feeling amazing is the secret key to achieving true personal and financial freedom. Feeling amazing starts with how you feel in your own skin, and then radiates with a force into everything you do. Karen helps high achieving women create lives of true emotional and financial freedom through no-nonsense coaching focused on wealth, wellbeing, and mindset. A multiple six figure entrepreneur she has become the go-to person for women who are ready to tap their hidden potential and fully accelerate their wealth and well-being.

Find her at and learn more about her coaching programs. You can also access Karen's three amazing secrets she gifted listeners on the show:

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