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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Dec 22, 2021

In this episode of Fresh Tracks I speak with author Mike Murphy about what it means to live in color. Mike Murphy shares the emotional details of his love story meeting, marrying, and losing the love of his life, Margot, to metastatic breast cancer. Mike serves as a spiritual guide, by example, on how to be a caregiver when your partner is terminally ill and you want to fight it as a team. Despite all adversities and hurdles, they still focused on living a life together filled with freedom, abundance and peace.

Mike also shares messages for anyone experiencing grief and looking for purpose when faced with the crippling pain of their loved one passing away. Discover how to live each day sharing love with others, in Mike’s words, making love a verb, and how to consciously know and live from our connection with God, with the Universal Energy that is life. Mike shares his unique spiritual journey and the joy’s of living from your heart and loving life.

Show Notes:
3:15 – What life is like when we live in color
7:45 – Love as a healing power
10:00 – Making love a verb
12:10 – Using our one source of energy with intention
18:00 – Moving from the head to the heart
23:30 – Death as a spiritual experience
27:00 – In response to seeing disparities in healthcare treatment

MIKE MURPHY is the author of Living in Color: A Love Story, in Sickness and in Health. His mission is to share exactly how he has been able to co-create a life of freedom, abundance, purpose and love. He is the president and owner of Volkswagen Oakland and founder of the Love from Margot Foundation, which he established to honor his late wife. The foundation supports low-income women experiencing advanced cancer with emergency funds, education and resources needed for recovery. He is also the creator of The Creation Frequency Online course dedicated to teaching people how to create the life of their dreams, his book of the same name was released in 2018. He has been interviewed by Larry King and other show hosts. MMGIFT promo code to access course for free.

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