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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Jan 31, 2017

In Episode 48 of Fresh Tracks I speak with Jessica Barron, VP & GM of We cover a wide range of topics from personal health for busy professionals to the hot new marketing to trends for 2017! Jess discusses the challenges in adding voice to a large brand and balancing that with giving everyone a voice…all the while recognizing that you can’t please everyone.

What’s the key to Livestrong’s success of over 27.5 million unique monthly viewers? Always looking to the future and invigorating their brand. On this week’s show Jess discusses tips for moving your business forward and always staying on top of the times as well as the role trending topics plays in growing your brand. She also had some interesting insights on the different interests on today’s popular mediums such as Facebook, snapchat and twitter.

Jess also shares her advice for any Fresh Trackers wanting to get into the health and wellness space. Truthfully her tips can apply to all of us in any industry so be sure to listen in! From curating your content to meeting influencers in your community (for more on this see our 2017 marketing planning guide) and attending leading conferences all play an important role in business growth.

Show Notes:
4:00 – The #1 thing busy entrepreneurs can do to begin taking care of their health.
7:30 – How to determine what to use when there is a ton of information available for your marketing.
11:15 –Tips for breaking into the healthy living industry and any other industry you want to break into.
16:45 – The biggest challenge to managing such a large brand as
19:00 – The powerful role of pay it forward. Empowering individuals and the amazing results it had on
22:20 – Major trends upcoming for 2017
26:50 – Tips for how to take care of yourself if you only have a few minutes.

About Jess Baron
Jess Barron is the VP & GM for LIVESTRONG.COM, a leading healthy lifestyle website with over 27.5 million unique monthly viewers. LIVESTRONG.COM provides the blueprint to simple healthy living. The site and MyPlate app have helped people lose over 20 million pounds in the past year. Prior to LIVESTRONG.COM, Jess was the business leader of Beachbody's online subscription website with digital videos and online tools. And before that, Jess honed a deep understanding of the types of headlines and content that appealed to all demographics of people when she ran the team that chose the news, entertainment, sports and health articles that appeared on the front page of Yahoo, at the time the most popular site on the Internet.

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