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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Mar 17, 2015

Episode 006 -- In this episode of Fresh Tracks we are speaking with Entrepreneur Launcher Debbie Delgado. Debbie shares with us what it really takes to start your own business, how to know what type of business is right for you, and brings awareness to sabotaging behaviors no one talks about that kill any chances of success. Debbie's journey from corporate employee to successful entrepreneur was filled with unexpected surprises (and some shocks!) that paints a picture of support and creativity. Debbie shares how claiming your own unique gifts and discovering your purpose are imperative to aligning every choice you make with who you are. Debbie offers excellent insight and advice for those considering making the leap from employee to entrepreneur!

2:30: Discovering what you really want to be doing and realizing what you need to change in order to get that.

4:53 Debbie’s waking up -- her journey from employee to entrepreneur

8:00 When you KNOW what you are doing for work is not right

11:00 What starting your business is NOT about

14:38 Tools for getting a sense of where to start when you want to own a business – especially if you have one foot in the door and one foot out

20:00 How to know when it’s time to leave corporate

22:53 Guidelines for people launching into entrepreneurism

28:25 Recognizing why your friends and family have an agenda for you

32:00 How you are now, as an employee, does not support being an entrepreneur and what to do about it

37:48 Three unconscious habits that will sabotage your business

41:21 Why you have to grow into the level of results you want

45:23 Your first order of business, in your business, no matter what you do

About Debbie Delgado,
Known as The Entrepreneur Launcher, Debbie helps women (and a few enlightened men!) with big visions launch their soul-centered businesses and incomes so they can live lives full of meaning AND money. The shift from a business that treats you like a hobby to one that supports your dreams can be a tough one. Debbie helps her clients transform their thinking, way of being, and results. Known for her gifts of no-nonsense Truth telling and helping her clients use the Akashic Records and Universal Laws to express themselves fully through their business, Debbie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs through her Soul Realignment and Manifesting Design work, coaching programs, workshops, and “Your Business Matters!” e-zine.  

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