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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

May 26, 2015

In Episode 16 of Fresh Tracks, Jennifer Faimon shares with us how to deal with the stress of starting and growing a business and not lose yourself while cutting fresh tracks in your life. Jennifer talks about how to be ‘body aware’ so you can continue to be creative and success. Also how to create a presence, not based on your weight, but based on the way you know who you are. It shows in your aura and your way of being.

Jennifer shares the roles mindset, alignment and teaching play in creating a healthy lifestyle. How to set yourself up for being aware of how you are being – the only way to do that is through creating new rituals, new habits. We also delve into how Jennifer herself has cut Fresh Tracks in the personal training industry and taken her passion of helping people with their health and broke through industry norms and looked at how she could build her life and business her way.

 2:20 – Making time to take care of yourself when life is so busy
 5:40 – Why mindset plays such an important role in your health
 7:49 – Creating new rituals and habits and how to change how you feel on a cellular level
10:05 – How to walk into a room and know who you are and who your clients are
13: 29 – Accountability and the role in plays in behavior change
16:33 – Jennifer’s passion for health stems from her own struggles with pain and chronic stress
20:32 – How to be more present
22:55 – Simplifying fitness for the busy folks
25:40 – Creating a better business through wellness

About Jennifer Faimon

Jennifer Faimon is a Speaker, Teacher and Founder of Training With Jennifer. She’s a Personal Trainer on a mission to teach people how to move with intention. The overall function of how the body works, its signals and how to achieve alignment through specific movement is her passion. She has forged new tracks in her own life and business and helps her clients do the same by empowering them through movement, mindset and teaching. She will share how improving your body mechanics will greatly impact the influence you have in your business and your life. She guides her clients to be more present in their bodies, take steps to correct imbalances and gives them the tools to make positive changes in their lives.

There is nothing more attractive and alluring than a person who stands tall - knowing who they are from the inside-out. Get away from the computer, perform the free 3 video series and feel yourself opening up to more opportunities.

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