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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Mar 31, 2015

Episode 08 – How can turning your business into a boutique practice lead to better clients and more income? Listen to this week’s Fresh Tracker Melissa Galt, founder of Prosper by Design, as she shares how creating a boutique business made a significant difference in both her happiness and her income! Melissa shares why she is an advocate for designing a joyful business and some best practices for making more money and loving your life at the same time. Melissa goes in-depth on the difference between an everyday business and a boutique business and how a few strategic decisions can lead to your business being one vs. the other. She includes some advice on the powerful impact saying NO to certain people can make. Melissa wraps up the interview sharing best practices for staying out of social media overwhelm.

Show Notes:

5:19 – Is it possible to create a joyful business?
6:32 – Wrapping your business around your life rather than your life around your business
7:34 – The fastest route to creating a successful business
10:30 – Loving your business = loving your life
13:13 – Breaking the “always say yes” program
17:20 – Tips for saying NO to clients that aren’t ideal
21:06 – The difference in having a boutique business vs. an everyday business
27:00 – Melissa’s tips for staying out of social media overwhelm
30:46 – Secret tips for keeping evergreen content relevant – Eliminating the limiter

About Melissa Galt
Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence for Entrepreneurs to follow, Melissa works with entrepreneurs to build irresistible boutique brands that stand out in a crowded market and help you make more money with better clients in less time, while loving it more. Melissa believes that you are your own ultimate competitive advantage and by leveraging your unique strengths, she can show you how to make your weaknesses irrelevant.

She is a success strategist, marketing consultant, and business designer focused on showing you step by step how to build your business so it is as unique as you are, and designing it to deliver the lifestyle you dream of and the impact you want to have. Learn more from Melissa and social media best practices at

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