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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Mar 9, 2015

Episode 005 - In this episode of Fresh Tracks we're speaking with Trish Kapinos, founder of Joy Rising. Trish shares with us the importance of grounding and using our intuition.

Trish first goes in-depth on what it means to grounded and how to ground ourselves and stay grounded. She then guides us in creating our individual writing space and what it means to create a 'writing vibration'. Finally we spend time talking about our intuition - what are the 4 different ways people receive intuition and how to know which one is your primary method. We wrap up the interview learning how to break through writer's block AND get more done in less time by listening to our bodies natural rhythms.

Show Notes:

2:24  What does it mean to be grounded? Physically, electrically and its’ connection with the earth

6:05  Health benefits of grounding. Getting out of our heads and into our bodies, how this applies to writing

9:33  How to know if you are grounded or not grounded

12:20 Things we can do to help us ground

17:12 Best practices for staying grounded during the day

20:43 Creating your writing space – how to train your body to get into a flow

24:07 Steps for creating your writing vibration

27:44 The 4 ways we receive information. How to know if it’s your intuition

31:48 Your primary vs your secondary method of intuition and how to know which one you are

37:07 Overcoming writers block by tapping into your energy

39:31 How to get more done in less time – the rhythms of creating

41:28 How to learn more from Trish Kapinos

45:21 How to know it’s not just your mind messing with you!

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