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Fresh Tracks With Kelly Robbins

Sep 9, 2015

Episode 27 – Influential communicator Kelly Sheets talks about the power of influence and shares insights into how and when we are actually being influential. How can we embrace the influence we already present in a more powerful and intentional way? Kelly shares that most of us go through each day wasting tons of energy because we are not centered. Kelly shares easy and insightful tips on how to get and stay centered and be influential throughout the day as well as how to approach business situations where you come from your own powerful influence.

Who here would love to gain FOUR HOURS a day, besides me? That and more is possible when you learn about the energetics of influence and how to own your influence, says Kelly. We also examine the relationship between influence and leadership and how the two work together. The big question gets answered…..Are introverts influential? Listen in on this week’s Fresh Tracks to find out! Kelly shares tips for using your influence with intention and we also talked about language and best ways to be influential both when speaking and writing.

Show Notes
1:20 – Why ‘Naked’ Influence and who else has to find out what that means???
6:50 – How to be consciously influential
10:00 – Kelly’s tips for gaining four hours a day
12:32 – Can you be a good leader? Discover the 4 components of being a good leader
17:35 – The energetics of influence
21:50 – The transformative power of being centered
24:45 – Transparency and why people are starving for it
28:00 – Can the introvert be influential? For real???

About Kelly Sheets
Kelly Sheets is the founder of Naked Influence. Kelly works with influential women who value their success and time to do the things they love.  Privately and through retreats, her clients work on communicating effectively, attracting the right people, leading teams, being aware of their desires and connecting deeply with others. She helps women embrace their position of influence and build strong leadership skills that empower those around them. In the process, they create a life that has more time for play and ease.

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